About us

NightMonkey is a data-driven growth & conversion optimization agency. We use scientifically gathered data to form our insights and formulate our hypotheses prior to designing any tests. This ensures that we are giving the experiments with the fastest and biggest impact for your business the highest priority.

We have a diverse team, not only in background but also in knowledge. From a Senior CRO specialist to a Persuasion UX Designer to an Online Advertizer and Conversion Specialist.

Who we are

Sheng Janssen

Omar Lovert

Reggie Valpoort

Conversion rate optimization is our core…

…however we continuously focus on Growth, for our clients and also personally. Our expertise include E-commerce growth optimization, Online Persuasion implementation and various forms of Customer Behaviour Analytics.

What we offer

Conversion Rate Optimazation

With a methodical research and scientific process we improve your conversion rate & boost your revenue per visitor and transform your website to a better profit engine.

Conversion Research

Your website is leaking money, but you might not know where? Our research process will uncover the leaks.

E-commerce Growth

Implement advanced tactics to create repeat buyers, increase your average order value and increase your profits to scale your business to an e-commerce empire.

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Tripstraat 315
2571DK Den Haag
The Netherlands

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+31 85 401 65 31

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