Conversion Optimization Research

Don’t drive your business blindfolded! With proper research you will…

  • Discover where your site is losing money
  • Understand your customers better
  • Make better business decisions
  • Get a plan to tackle the biggest issues first

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What can we do for you?

We’ll help you gather the important data that will help you improve your business in many areas and can give you the exponential growth you are seeking, without you needing to haphazardly “try different things” that may not work. We don’t do guess work, we do DATA.

In our research method we will set up and perform a set of analysis that will gather the necessary insights. These analysis are:

Conversion optimization research found Issues

1. Summarize

We’ll summarize all the issues we’ve discovered and lable them to fix immediately or test recommendations

Research Recommended improvements

2. Recommend

Based on the conversion optimization research we have completed we will recommend changes and improvements in layout, technical adjustments, design elements, imagery, visual hierarchy, communication strategies, copy and persuasion.

List of conversion optimization research findings

3. Focus

By using our prioritization framework to score all issues we work objectively to prioritize where you should invest your energy so you are focussing on the pages and issues that are most important to your business.

Why do you need Conversion Optimization Research?

If you are able to answer all these questions below, then you don’t need our help.
But if you can’t, then you should definitely contact us…today.

Do you know:

question mark

Why your customer isn’t buying more from you?

question mark

Which steps in you sales funnel is leaking money?

question mark

What the main fears, doubts and hesitations?

question mark

What the end need your customers are looking to fulfill is?

question mark

If your customer experience is the same, cross-browser and cross-device?

question mark

What the deeper reasons why prospects buy your type of products /services are?

question mark

Which technical issues your site is having at the moment?

question mark

Which parts of your website causes the most friction and turns buyers away?

These are just some basic question that once you have the data to answer them properly will enable you to correct them and in turn unblock your growth.

How would you feel if your company does more revenue than last year with the same traffic?

How do we gather new insights for you?

First we will perform a Heuristics Analysis. Which means that we’ll (visually) check your website for common flaws, structural problems, frictions, distractions, obvious technical issues and persuasion misses. In short, to identify flaws, we will compare your website against all significant conversion frameworks.

Then we will perform the following steps to gather more in-depth insights:

Conversion optimization research Analytics Healthcheck

Analytics healthcheck & Web Analytics analysis

We will check if your analytics software is set up correctly and is tracking the right information. If needed, we will improve the configuration so user actions are recorded and funnel tracking is working correctly. Once we know we can trust the data we will do a deep dive to find insights on what happens where, which segments are underperforming or costing you money and what the customer behavior is. Analytics helps us understand what currently does not (or does) work.

Conversion research Form Analytics

Form Analytics

Forms are important parts of your site, especially those on the checkout process. We will implement form analytics to detect problems in your web forms such as shopping carts, order or registration forms. The goal is to understand where most people drop off on your form, where the most errors occur, which fields don’t get filled in and so on.

Conversion research User behavior

User (behavior) Research

With at least 10 people who match your website visitors and/or ideal customer profile we will perform usability testing to uncover all friction points on your current website. This qualitative research helps us understand the why things don’t (or do) work.

Conversion research Mouse analysis

Mouse tracking analysis & User session recordings

We’ll set up Heatmap and Clickmap tracking on each of your pages to identify what gets attention and what doesn’t. We will also install Scrollmap tracking so we can see how and till what point people scroll on your site. We will also review user session replay videos that we’ll analyse in order to learn how your actual website visitors use and interact with your site.

Conversion research Qualitative Surveys

Qualitative Surveys

In order to understand your visitors and customers behavior we will set up polls and exit surveys on key pages on your site (and in the funnel). This will help us figure out why they didn’t take action.
We will also perform customer surveys (with at least 100 people) to understand who they are, why they bought, how they buy and any frictions they had along the way.

Conversion Optimization Research will give you…


An in-depth multi-page report, which gives you a specific road map for boosting your conversions. You will be able to improve your marketing efforts.


Data with which you will increase efforts in areas that will increase your ROI the fastest…


A better understanding of your customer that could give you the information you need to create newer, different and more products to sell to them.

And if we don’t find any issues with your site or we can’t provide any actionable insights that can help improve your conversions, we’ll refund your money back 100%.

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